2 October 2012


Nearly there...
This comb has a forged dip on both sides- I did this after the tines were cut, so it was tricky to control the displacement of the metal without contorting the straight tines.
A different methodology would be wiser. ( forge first, then cut?)
But I'm feeling my way.
Possibly this form and texture could have been achieved more easily by casting techniques, but this thing is all made with saws and hammers folks.
Perhaps I'll make a silver version if anyone wants one.
I like this one, it feels really good in the hand.
It's asking you to take it on a long journey.


  1. This one stands out to me of the three. I like it cause it looks like the dip has been worn away from use, softer, complimenting the design.
    Lovely work David.

  2. That's stunning. You can just tell by looking at it that it wants to be held.