31 October 2012


You've heard of Goldenrod?

Here's the namesake: A Golden Rod.

26 October 2012

Contemplative Reading

Joe said I have to put the Time Machine in the pictures.
He was very insistant
"Coz yow books is borwing"

23 October 2012

Unexpected Visitor

My new apprentice?
I had to lure her out with a trail of bread...

22 October 2012


This is the biggest Aster Ive made so far, painted steel, about 3 feet across.
That might not seem so big, but usually they are earrings...

20 October 2012


Dad gets his portrait painted

19 October 2012

Noo / Auld Ulno

Slightly different Ulno Bangle.
Made from gold and an 80-year-old bicycle spoke.
This older iron is blacker
and gooder.

16 October 2012

Combs and Company at Creatures of Comfort

Su Wu of I'm Revolting curates an amazing swag of stuff!
WHERE: Creatures of Comfort LA, 7971 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
WHEN: October 20 to November 10, 2012.
OPENING RECEPTION: 5-8 p.m., Oct. 20

10 October 2012


Many years ago, my Dad and my Grandpa built this barn.
I like the log posts and ferro-cement walls. Looks like wattle and daub.
(that too-short barge-roll is bugging me though)
There are bats roosting inside.

9 October 2012

The Shape of Procrastination

Black Coffee: check
Water: check
Hey this hexagonal tumbler fits beside my bench anvil...
Hmm, lets get some more symmetry; reorganise pliers from big to small...
("always be Knolling" as Tom Sachs would say)
Take a photo... post on blog...
OK, enough procrastination already!!

8 October 2012

Sunrise Wedding Rings

Your Gold; in this case, pure gold being alloyed to 75% (18k) and melted.

It comes out like a little loaf, the black stuff on my hands is charcoal from the block. Then the sides need to be forged flat with a hammer;

Still with charcoal hands.
Folks say things are going "pear-shaped" (meaning wrong, -but I love pear shapes...) but I say things are going "kite-shaped"- sometimes when you forge, the sides get skewed, or kite shaped, this is undesirable, but not to worry, you just need to keep an eye on this and correct in the early stages.

Then it gets rolled out long and flat and re-textured on an old anvil block. So this is the starting point from which I'll cut the Sunrise shapes; Im making a set of wedding rings. Let's skip forward a few stages; and they came out like this;

Beautiful! His and Hers: Ive made a wider-banded version to better suit the groom. ( ≈7mm)

3 October 2012

(|||||||||||||||||||||||||||More Combs|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||)

 Another comb, another permutation of the ingredients, this time; forged surface and chiselled dip.

2 October 2012


Nearly there...
This comb has a forged dip on both sides- I did this after the tines were cut, so it was tricky to control the displacement of the metal without contorting the straight tines.
A different methodology would be wiser. ( forge first, then cut?)
But I'm feeling my way.
Possibly this form and texture could have been achieved more easily by casting techniques, but this thing is all made with saws and hammers folks.
Perhaps I'll make a silver version if anyone wants one.
I like this one, it feels really good in the hand.
It's asking you to take it on a long journey.