16 May 2012


So... I got a press!
5 tons of pressure.
200 kgs of cast iron.
And 200kgs of thanks goes to my Dad, who helped me transport it, man I wished I had photographed that, it was crazy and Dad was wearing this red zizzou beanie- you know, for capers such as this one. 
(+ thanks also to kindly neighbour Adrian for extra muscle.)

Quite a biffer, I think I will paint it almost-black.
Potential names:
"Johnny" ( because its a John Heine, and I think this is my favourite so far)
"Brain Surgeon"
"The Butterfly"
okay, yeah its turning into a dad-joke...

Im starting to get used to its hulking presence already, like the proverbial elephant in the room.
Now I've got to knuckle down and get some dies made. 


  1. "bluey" (isn't that what every australian's nicknamed?)

  2. lordy, he's beautiful!

    perhaps "Vulcan" (Greek god of fire, blacksmiths and craftsmanship) or "Kratos" (Greek god of strength and might) ... or "Bruiser"

  3. I don't know what to call him, but I can't wait to see what things you come up with with his help!