30 November 2011

this time, gold

Ulno Bangle, now available on my webshop.

I dared myself—to make a gold bangle- as simply as possible.
For some reason, sometimes it takes courage just to do something simply- I worry that it may not be 'enough'.
But here, I think it is. Something beautiful and robust that you could wear everyday.
Let me know if you'd like one.

And for some reason, when I try to make something simply, it often takes much longer than I think!
In this case I tapered the wire very slightly, 1mm at the terminals, 1.5mm at the nadir- just for a bit of subtle dynamics. I did this by rolling the wire between massive slabs of iron, at a slight angle. This tapering could be achieved with a hammer, I suppose, but would result in a more planished look (planes of hammer-marks)- and besides I wanted to try the massive slabs.