9 November 2011

Leafy Gold Ring

This is the beginning of a gold ring that I make.
I melted the end very slightly, to round it off any sharpness.
That's when the rainbow appeared.

The other side (which will become the inside of the ring) is burnished. I'm getting into burnishing. You don't remove any material, just rub it smooth with a piece of haematite.

I cleaned off the pesky (tho' pretty) rainbow.

Lastly, I bend it round.
And now its a ring.


  1. beautiful!! i love it! and great piece of information about the haematite

  2. a beauty. I liked the rainbow though. wouldn't it have been hidden in the curl, if you kept it? like a secret rainbow?

  3. Hi Jokemijn;
    rainbows never last...