14 December 2018

Futuristic Gold Jewellery

Why 'futuristic'? Don't I mean atavistic, a retreat into the past?- Because these earrings sure do remind us of something we might see in a museum, made 2000 years ago, not anything futuristic.
Well, no, I really do mean that these earrings are futuristic- but the definition of this word will here take on a different flavour.
Folks have kept on publishing a stereotypical vision of the future, for a hundred odd years now, that basically involves speed and auxiliary devices that enable us to escape our physical limits- (and ultimately; to escape our body) You see it in movies and cartoons all the time, from Metropolis to The Jetsons to Back To The Future (ergo "where's my hoverboard").
In the actual future, we will laugh at all that stuff. 
In the future there will be a greater connection between humans and the Earth. 
The future will be slower. 
In the future you will love your body and not try to escape it. Then our relationship to jewellery will change, it won't ever be a symbol of wealth, or a symptom of inadequacy-  instead it will be a metallic poem about the things we love. That's what I was thinking of when I made these earrings.

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