22 July 2013

Gold and Lapis Lazuli Signet Ring

Keeping it simple.
Lapis Lazuli and 18 carat yellow gold.
I cut this Lapis to a flat tablet, and gave the oval shape a slightly more oblate outline.
The gold has a stonewashed and hand-burnished finish.
Now at Pieces of Eight Gallery in Melbourne.
Of course I can make one just for you, just ask.


  1. stunning again David

  2. Hello Mr. Neale,
    I have just found a picture ofyour beautiful golden Lapislazuli-ring in the internet.
    And I would like to know, whether it is still for sale and how much it would cost (incl. shipping to Germany).
    Many greeting and have a nice day.
    Yours sincerely
    C. Kossbiel
    Hamburg, Germany

    1. Price (current for 2014, but subject to change)
      Includes Shipping to anywhere on Earth.
      Please click on the grey link "just ask" in the above post; here you will find an email contact form for orders and enquiries.