31 July 2013


Rebirth; some Sentimental gold (a grandma's locket) 
combines with an unusual natural pearl (porcelaneous, rather than nacreous)
 -to become a new ring.

22 July 2013

Gold and Lapis Lazuli Signet Ring

Keeping it simple.
Lapis Lazuli and 18 carat yellow gold.
I cut this Lapis to a flat tablet, and gave the oval shape a slightly more oblate outline.
The gold has a stonewashed and hand-burnished finish.
Now at Pieces of Eight Gallery in Melbourne.
Of course I can make one just for you, just ask.

4 July 2013

Swallow Pendant

Thorn Puller

The 'Thorn Puller' or 'Spinario' is an interesting classical statue- no one knows, for sure, what the meaning is- so it is thought to simply be... just a country bumpkin pulling a thorn out of his foot! Makes a change from all that heroic stuff. I spotted the roman-era marble version in the Uffizi, Florence.
Here a riddle that goes with the statue:

I walked for miles to get it.
I stopped walking to find it.
When I found it, I threw it away.
What am I?


He turned up again. This bronze version is older; Hellenistic. Musei Capitolini, Rome. Note shiny toe.

This little version is 1500's, in the V&A Museum, and is by Severo da Ravenna. I guess he was free wheeling the copy, because its the other foot this time....
Grand Tourists could get a little souvenir version- I didn't see any though.

2 July 2013

Best Ever Andirons

Reckon these would be great for a spit-roast or drying one's unmentionables.