30 January 2012

I was having a productive morning... when I received a letter in the "mail". How delightful!

But when I opened it, it turned out to be a bill from "The Bank" for $11,100,006!

So I quickly minted the first installment. "The Bank" was rather chuffed.

*Actually I did study at RMIT- as did Stuart Devlin who designed the real Australian coins (+ those of 36 other countries)- Above is the old 1 cent piece. Can you just see the tiny "S.D"? Perhaps I'd better lift my numismatic game.
** To that end; I'm seriously on the hunt for a FLY PRESS- does any one have one for sale / know of one?
Please Please do let me know. Australia only. It looks like this:

Or even this:


  1. I have noted (no pun intended) something with regard to coins. At work we have a container of coins in the fridge we sell drinks for $1 and the proceeds go to charity. When coins are left in the fridge.............they stink. It's always the same smell and if you touch the coins your hands then take up the smell. Even after thorough washing of hands....still slightly smelly. Weird but true

    Cheers Mark

  2. ahem, might it be the smell of guilt on your hands as you take the CHARITY coins?