23 October 2015

Flash Sale- Pendants

The Hirondelle chases the sun around the world.

Im offering a very limited run of these pendants on The Golden Smith Shop 
from 12 noon, New York time, Fri 23rd Oct.
Each one is unique, individually hand-sawn and stamped by myself, David Neale in brass (lead-free).
No chain or box.

Here's the link:

22 September 2015

Wall Work

'Colour Fold'
David Neale 
Steel, paint 30 x 20cm

9 April 2015

Ray Earrings

David Neale Ray Earrings. 2.5cm across. Gold-plated silver. $300, includes shipping to anywhere!
Ask me about these or a solid gold or silver version: thegoldensmith at gmail dot com

8 April 2015

David Neale Diamond Ring

Newen Days ring with halfmoon-shaped diamond set in 18ct white gold.
Beautiful sparkle to this one!
Music; I was listening to Alhaji K. Frimpong via Awesome Tapes 

25 March 2015


The jeweller's saw can be very very fine. This one is about half a millimetre, so its relatively chunky!
Most jewellers have several tell-tale scars on the left index finger- from those accidental saw cuts. One lapse of concentration and this very thin blade slices to the bone!

20 February 2015

Australian Sapphire, Cut In Australia, Made in Australia

Do you take time to think about where an object comes from, and how it is made?

The rough blue sapphire was especially chosen by the bride-to-be, (imagine a girl in a lolly shop...) and then skilfully ground and polished, facet by facet- by a man who lives geometry- Doug Menadue of Bespoke Gems, Sydney. Apparently, the land where this stone was found is now closed to prospectors, making it all the more rare.
I was really excited to be able to bring together a fully Australian ensemble- this adds real value to the provenance, because many gems, (including Australian diamonds and sapphires!)- are cut in India, Bangladesh and Thailand, likely under working conditions that would be unacceptable in the West.
It would make a bride weep if she knew. But not this bride!

Did you know? -Although this stone is a sapphire, the long octagonal shaped cut is called an 'emerald cut'- because it was developed to best show the colour of an emerald. Nowadays it remains a popular shape for diamonds and sapphires, as well as the eponymous emerald.

Specifications: Custom-made 18ct white gold engagement ring- featuring a 3.1ct natural Australian sapphire from Lava Plains, Queensland. Goldsmithing by David Neale.

My next quest is to bring together an Australian-cut Australian diamond and recycled gold setting. Maybe its for you?