5 May 2014

Hermann Jünger rarity

Here's a rarity:
A Hermann Jünger brooch, 1960/70 at auction. (auctionata)
Also a rarity- a chance to see the back! Something I have never seen.
Jünger's maker's mark is a standing bird- and looks to me as though he's engraved the stamp himself-
a nice touch.
I was not expecting to see the square wire framework supporting the composition- very interesting.
There's a freeness in the face composition, and then a lot of formal, organised work to hold it together underneath.
There is always lots of things going on in a Jünger piece;
claw-setting, bezel setting, enamelling, granulation, fusing- a kind of playful game, mixing things up...
you'll see an emerald next to green glass, ivory next to white enamel.

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