18 April 2013

French Bee Hives

Bee hives in the Jardin du Luxembourg Apiary, Paris.
Super-fancy, as you might expect.
The bees even have a little private fountain to drink from. 

9 April 2013

I Dont Live On Bread Alone

...but I'm so glad Alice dragged us over to the famous Poilane!
The bread is great!
The iconic wall-friezery is definitely warranted.
I've also had great bread from little boulangeries every day;
Pain je taime
(bread! I love you!)

8 April 2013


Jizai Okimono at the V&A. This is a fully articulated, hand-forged iron snake.
I think this was made by Myochin Munerobu (?), mid~late 1700's

7 April 2013

Post Card from Jardin De Marqueyssac

Hi! There's me, waving to you.

1 April 2013

Micro Mosaic

This whole picture is about the size of an iPad. (V&A Museum)