30 March 2013

Blown Away

Hi, this is a photo of me, after having visited the British and Victoria & Albert Museums.
As you can see I have been mostly BLOWN AWAY.
( I don't even have a belly-button any more!)
I will post pictures of various things -that interested me particularly- over the next little while, Im still on the road just now.

26 March 2013

London Wevver

Free d'grees and snow, innit!
An dis 'ere mog,
is ovverwise known as;

Righto, I'm orf- fink I'wl fly souwf.

19 March 2013

Memory Eames

Vintage Memory game! 
Some pics are Eames, so its quasi-Eames.

18 March 2013


Watching Mon Oncle 
for some slow humour...
Laughing at the fountain
Noticed a similarity!