26 February 2013

Cuff Links

Sterling Silver Cuff Links.
My aim was to make a one-piece design, very robust, that would survive if they got accidentally left in the shirt and put through the washing machine.
( we've all done that, havent we?)

20 February 2013

Willow Weavings

We poked around in this Patrick Dougherty installation- Melbourne.

19 February 2013

The Neale's Grand Tour!

After the hard times of 2011, I wanted to go with my beautiful wife Alice on a holiday.
So we're off to Paris for our anniversary!
Then drive to Rome, the long lazy way.
In a Citröen. With the kids. (Just like Babar! except our car and luggage are not quite as cool)
Ive never been to France or Italy, so please-any recommendations would be greatfuly received!
Here's the route:

( I'm also going to sneek in a visit to the British and V&A Museums- my first time- pretty excited!)

Babar pic from the always excellent My Vintage Book Collection

Platinum Leaf Ring

Fresh off the bench; a Leaf Ring in Platinum 950.
For those who like a cool colour and a very precious-feeling weight.

6 February 2013

Peel an apple

1.Neaten hair  (:-/)
2. Peel and eat apple
3.Tick that off list
4. Time-check; back to work