3 January 2013

Another Lutma

I think this is another Dutchman named Lutma; Johannes Lutma the Elder, who was a Gold and Silvermith. He has the cool hammer too, plus the can of chasing tools behind, in the shadows.

And I tracked down the object in the portrait; a salt cellar
(they often have maritime themes, shells and seaweed etc.)
He was noted for his particularly auricular style ( scrolly designs that look like ears)

1 January 2013


 Blacksmith and striker at the anvil. Amazing image of the dynamics.
 Chronophotograph by Etienne-Jules Marey (French, 1830–1904)

Indian goldsmiths at work, Unknown artist ca.1840
Working outdoors, using charcoal brazier with blowpipe

An etching by Rembrandt, 1656.
Portrait of the goldsmith Jan Lutma. 
He's living 'comfort eagle', and looking very smug with his lion-head finials!
On his left we see the tools of the trade; a repoussé hammer and can of punches I think.
I wonder how old Jan is? Rembrandt does everyone so wrinkly that we cant be sure.

Here is someone's drypoint copy of Rembrandt.
(I think this has been actually attributed to Rembrandt by the owners (Harvard!) But its clearly a crude copy; after all, the original is near-photographic in execution! This version was probably a copy drawn from the printed etching, and thus reversed when its own plate was printed. Well, that's what I think!)
And what is that thing he's holding? I dont think this copyist knew either, I think in the Rembrandt, it looks like a figurine with a round plinth. Arguably, this copyist was also unfamiliar with repoussé hammers (more likely to have a ball-peen, as in the original) and the flask of punches and chisels has morphed into a spiked box. Busted!

Any way, I like the lions...