25 September 2012

Combs being made.

Work in progress; Im trying to strike a pleasing contrast between regular/ irregular - playing off the neat tines against a 'roughly hewn' dip. (I used a scooped chisel for that bit.) Its not easy. Feeling my way...

24 September 2012

Go Native

I never tire of making these- Native gold wedding ring. It is really like some hunk of lightning or blob of sunlight. Same material and method as the Goodness ring.

22 September 2012


The girls gave Kylie the full hipster look.
She was like, whatever.

21 September 2012

Smile ~ Frown

We hacked our way through the dense jungle...

until at last we uncovered the lost Concrete Man.

Experts have dated him to the late 80's period, believing the style to be related to that of the
 'Ugly-Biffer Head', made by the native Snuggery people, c.1988. Although the figuration has no dynamism, note the beguilling "smile-frown".

After 25 long years festooned with vines, we dragged him out into the sun.
It is feared that contemporary inhabitants of the Snuggery lands will place little value on the Concrete Man, so conservationists have recommended relocation.

16 September 2012

Space / Strawb

This strawberry seems to have extruded itself through space- Like a Tony Cragg strawberry?

Red Square, Tony Cragg

4 September 2012

Horse Pendant

Blackened silver Horse pendant.