25 July 2012

Love Letters, an exhibition of David Neale Jewellery

My exhibition for this year is titled Love Letters.
Pieces of Eight Gallery, Melbourne; 31st July- 1st September.
Some new jewellery and also some larger-scale works; inscribed metal signs that Ive made.

The starting point was to ask: what does jewellery do?
And I like it best when it is used to carry a message of love.
So the jewellery is about that.

My idea is to keep the jewellery very simple, so that it has room to carry your meanings too.
More images to follow...

Please come and meet me at the opening!
6pm-8pm Tuesday 31st July
Pieces of Eight 
28 Russel Place

*Also opening that night; Blanche Tilden Wearable Cities at Gallery Funaki
Make a night of it!

11 July 2012

Stamping and champing


Chiseled features. No sawing here. Bang...bang. Used a file for the mane; bang.
Grosso Modo, si? —con l'espressione...
risultato: un cavallo vivace, uh!

Fine Silver is 99.9% pure. Its softer and whiter than Sterling, which is 92.5% pure. Soft enough to pare with a knife... love that

1 July 2012


E's gang hangin' out on the mantle piece