24 April 2012

Ulno in The Storm

A pair of Ulno bangles for Ebony.
Gold and Iron.
There was a terrific/terrible storm here, so I went outside under the eave and photographed these in the strange light. Then the hail drummed out a fearful tattoo on the tin.

4 April 2012


At last- westwood rims for my 1930's bike- these are an old style rim that are hard to get around here. They still make them in India and China, where the popular bikes are based on pre-war english roadsters. But if I go to a local bike shop and say- "got any westwood rims?" they say "west-what?!"
...or my favorite customer service phrase ever; "it costs money just talkin' about it".
Anyway- finally got some + dusty tires.
I think these rims should be black though, yeah... all the steel should be blackened... hmm...
And check out the fillet-brazed head stem.