30 April 2012

Dutch Naïve

1. Joop Smits
2. Bernard van den Heuvel
3. Cornelis van Breugel
4. Neeltje Prins-van den Broek
I liked the ones with reflections, for some reason.
Mysterious symmetry...

26 April 2012


Hey, a package from Pottock...its....a GM wall paper sample. 

24 April 2012

Ulno in The Storm

A pair of Ulno bangles for Ebony.
Gold and Iron.
There was a terrific/terrible storm here, so I went outside under the eave and photographed these in the strange light. Then the hail drummed out a fearful tattoo on the tin.

23 April 2012

Get an Onchi?

This weeks' auction of Japanese woodblock prints on Artelino features sosaku hanga, a 20th c. movement. These were my picks;
1. Kihachiro Shimozawa (new to me)
2. Yasoji Wakayama- beautiful image of an oil lamp- great shallow cuts for that almost sfumato fuzziness.
3.Don't see Onchi very often- (more here) -discerning collectors will descend like seagulls on a crust.
( while I wade in the shallows)

17 April 2012


Alice: David, do you like pens?
David: ...meh... I don't really care for pens
Alice: Well I've bought you a pen as a present.
David: I do actually love this pen

16 April 2012

Serviette Ring (And Other Artefacts)

Here is a serviette ring that was recently bequeathed to my daughter.
I like it. I don't often think of serviette rings, do you?
My grandparents use them every day for lunch and dinner, which is very dignified.
(Somehow, luncheon-dignity was not impressed upon my Dad, who eats sardines from a tin with a knife (or sometimes a chisel, if he's fogotten a knife- I kid you not)).
Anyway, its funny how the ring is just plonked on the back of the cat- that kind of clunky arrangement is funny; there's no attempt to justify it ( like; the cat is not hugging the ring, or wrapped around it or...) its just soldered on to him, as if he were a magnetic cat ("help! things are clinging to me!")
So I think thats great. Bit like Manna From Brooklyn's Backpack Kitty (though not as happy-looking; his vessel is way more "intergrated"):

It was this exact feeling that I was thinking of when I made this series of work, way back in 2002:

 I was thinking of that kind of clumsy figure-with-vessel arrangement- some sort of reference to the history of artefacts. (Why are young people so interested in irony? I do try to be more sincere with what I make these days- but there's always a tendency toward sabotaging that with humor. Is this self-defence??) (could be a subject for another post: humor and creativity). Maybe here the vessel gets interpreted as a 'nest', which is pretty predictable, so I sort of failed(?) But I was aiming for that tacked-on vibe. Its made of silver by the way, painted with a very matte enamel.

10 April 2012


Yes, I sat on my RayBans. Not Cool.
Really cracked 'em. See?

Anyway, so I ordered some replacement lenses, and they came today.
I had the package in my back pocket- and Alice yells out "Dont sit on your package!!"

( I didn't- that would Not Have Been Cool)

The lenses were hard to get out!- I resorted to crushing them with a hammer in the end. Not Cool.
Then I start to think hey- what would I look like with spectacles?- you know the feeling (unless you always wear glasses- then you really do know the feeling...)

Yeah... smarter. More... organised. Not Cool.

Then I put the new lenses in- I decide to wear gloves. Not Cool.

Ok... now Im Cool.

9 April 2012


Fairly mundane, but there it is; I have a new-old sweeps pan for the workshop

5 April 2012

Love's Songs

I am a fan of the whole Teenage Fanclub, but the Gerard Love songs always seem to be my favorites. I had read, ages ago, on Wiki that he was working on a side project - and its real! Lightships.

Alice says I can buy it... next year.
But if anyone wants to swap something with me for a copy of this on vinyl- leave a comment!

Gerard's blog here- quite generous, with some demos and other music that he likes.

4 April 2012


At last- westwood rims for my 1930's bike- these are an old style rim that are hard to get around here. They still make them in India and China, where the popular bikes are based on pre-war english roadsters. But if I go to a local bike shop and say- "got any westwood rims?" they say "west-what?!"
...or my favorite customer service phrase ever; "it costs money just talkin' about it".
Anyway- finally got some + dusty tires.
I think these rims should be black though, yeah... all the steel should be blackened... hmm...
And check out the fillet-brazed head stem.

3 April 2012

Arabia/ Ulla Procope cup for Alice to match her jug... really love the blue painting.
( I did see whole set of this stuff.... -maybe when my ship comes in babe)

2 April 2012