29 February 2012


This funny iphone pic is the only record of this vaguely botanical gold pin I made for a friend's Mum.
Slivers and granules, fused together.

28 February 2012

Native Gold

Working with native gold today... great fun.
Native gold is just as it comes out of the ground... wholemeal, so-to-speak, not refined.
It has slight impurities, and is about 22-23k. (remember?)
Over the last few weeks I've been working mainly with brass- which, as a material is bristling with good points.... but gold, native gold- is truly delicious to work with; malleable, resplendent, weighty...
It is as if it just wants to turn into a wedding ring, doing this by itself...
Above, the ring is as yet unjoined, and still bespeckled- soon to be whole and glowing.

27 February 2012

24 February 2012

Stay Warm

Stay warm, Northern Hemispherical├ęs!
Me, I'm down here in Oz having a popsicle...

20 February 2012


Sunrise Bangle!

18 February 2012

Gold Afloat

Sometimes the gold floats
 I picture little rafts of gold
 on the turbulent sea 
of this speckled

17 February 2012

6 February 2012

Kitchen Conversation

David: Hey, you know what I think is great?
Alice: Oh! I was just about to say; "hey you know what I think is great?"!
David: You go first.
Alice: ....our dishwashing system!
David: I was going to say "The Beatles"


1 February 2012

Bangle Calligraphy

Custom version of Ulno bangle; iron and 22k gold