30 January 2012

I was having a productive morning... when I received a letter in the "mail". How delightful!

But when I opened it, it turned out to be a bill from "The Bank" for $11,100,006!

So I quickly minted the first installment. "The Bank" was rather chuffed.

*Actually I did study at RMIT- as did Stuart Devlin who designed the real Australian coins (+ those of 36 other countries)- Above is the old 1 cent piece. Can you just see the tiny "S.D"? Perhaps I'd better lift my numismatic game.
** To that end; I'm seriously on the hunt for a FLY PRESS- does any one have one for sale / know of one?
Please Please do let me know. Australia only. It looks like this:

Or even this:

Other Gold

Bon Papa brought some comb honey around- apparently he's keeping a hive at my Grandparent's house nearby.This stuff looks pretty free-form. I love comb honey the best- I think there are some delicate floral flavours that start to disappear as soon as the wax cell is broken open. So it MUST still have the cap on top if you're buying any. Whereas, supermarket honey is heat-treated and filtered- not nearly as subtle and complex.

27 January 2012

Picture Story

My wife Alice has had Pinocchio since she was a kid.  His feet got lost, (as did his alternative nose) so I made him some new ones! They should be gloss black I suppose...

25 January 2012

Love and Paper

A recent commission for his and hers 22k gold wedding bands. Congratulations R and J- Best wishes to a beautiful couple!

The brief was kind of challenging; crinkled paper texture on the surface, but thicker than actual paper and both rings to be cut from the same block (but different finger sizes...). I began by making a textured strip, parted that into two widths, then bent up the rings from those.

And then the join....! Now, how would you make an invisible join with an irregular texture? What I did was make a scarf joint, cut on a steep angle, which meant that the join had an irregular line on the face of the ring, that gets hidden in the crinkley texture. The solder used was ≈20k gold, with a slightly higher copper-to-silver ratio for a near-invisible colour match. ( I was not game to try fusion here- the texture would get melted...) The soldering had to be super-careful and the amount precisely judged, because I would not be able to clean up any excess from the face of the ring without damaging the texture...
Can you picture that?
No, its near-invisible.

23 January 2012


Flat Knot

Flat-knotted flax bracelet with whale bone toggle- I made this sometime around 1998. The whale bone was found on a Tasmanian beach. It was definitely a whale(!) From memory I wast trying to replicate some part of a chinese(?) scroll-box that I had admired.
I keep seeing flat-knotted bracelets lately, but made from 6ft of paracord- must be a survival thing- I blame Bear Grylls. But the people wearing them are not eating scorpions

Cut free

14 January 2012

Draw a Bike

I've started a collection of bicycle-rider drawings- that I ask people to draw for me on-the-spot.
A bicycle-rider is a tricky kind of arrangement of tubes and wheels and legs that people find hard to remember and visualise... so the drawings are often naïve and vigourous.
What did Kandisnsky say?
"A naïve rendering of an objects outter shell will reveal a greater truth about that object".
Or words to that effect.
This one was drawn by my Mum.
How do you like those wheel clearances, you track fiends?
(pity about the rip... I quite like this one and now we'll never know how she resolved the handle bars)

12 January 2012



Hey, Tree Climber is up to something like 1,469 notes on Tumblr... not bad...
I guess I should probably maybe try... selling them?
Its an earring, actually, but I could do a pendant or badge too.
Argh! I need some sort of... retail manager? Shop?

9 January 2012


This afternoon the hammer sang;
Three Pine Needles pendants.
Forged brass.

On a chain... or string?
Which do you think?

Window problem

The abbreviated window is really frustrating me!

7 January 2012

Grandmother's Axe?

Remember when my Nana gave that Seiko watch?—oh, wait... maybe you werent here for that...
Anyway, Nana gave me a watch which had a metal band that I wasnt into, so I swapped it for a webbing strap. Then I un-polished the case. And then I jumped into the deep end of customisation and changed the face and hands!
That was pretty tricky, especially the second hand; its titchy.
Thanks to Harold from Yobokies for the goods.
So... its kind of a grandfather's grandmother's axe , so to speak, but it is still the same watch.
Don't tell Nana- its better if she hears it from me.

Preview image of file

6 January 2012

Fan of Fans

It was 40º (104º Farenheit) in here Melbourne the other day, and we needed a fan in the house.
So we bought a Delonghi, (bottom) which is ok to look at, being all metal. But it sounds like a B-52 roaring past. Maybe there are too many tines in the guard for the air to rush over? Maybe the edge of the blade is too thin, making it swoosh like a sword?
I dont know, but I do wonder if the classic Peter Behrens AEG ventilator is as quiet as it is iconic?
Somehow I think so. I see the early version has no guard at all!

4 January 2012

Texta-Spoke Bangle

Collaboration with Esmé. Texta bodies and a bicycle spoke

3 January 2012


Saw this echidna down at Walkerville - making a run for it. The spines are hard, but not that sharp. And they dont shoot out or anything. ( I know because I did give it a pat!!)