29 September 2011


Silver rays on an Aster Earring

Click on it. Now magnify. Yes, you can see scratches made by 0000 steel wool!

David has acquired a macro lens, so look out, world of smallness!
(dont worry, you'll have had time to scurry away by the time I've learned how to use this thingy)

28 September 2011

Focus Group

Rigorous road-testing of my Pure Silver Baby Spoon...

(No I didn't use a food stylist for this shoot. I was going for gritty realism)

The Spoon will be in the shop soon... I will keep you posted.

26 September 2011

Just Checking

...looks good!
This one can be unfurled to fit anywhere.
From The Shop

22 September 2011

Colour Fold

These are slightly larger in reality, about palm-size.
 It would be much better if they were, say, 4 foot or so, I reckon. 

19 September 2011


So! I did get Alice to string these beads and she did a great job and they do look tasty.

14 September 2011

Gettin' Round In Gold

Longfellow ring gets around.

13 September 2011

The Fire

Arcimboldo The Fire
This painter is pretty spooky-kooky ususally, but I liked this one because it is sort of vocational...
I suppose the necklace is a reference to the art of the Goldsmith, being as it is very flamey.
And I particularly like the flint-striker nose and ear!

9 September 2011

Yes, I know, Beads

Not what we usually would do at The Neale Workshop (is that what I'm calling it now?)...
But when someone asks for gold beads... I say yes.
22k and Lapis Lazuli- a knockout combination- tres Egyptienne!
Thanks to Dougal for his assistance. 
Now to string them. Might ask Alice to do that bit.

8 September 2011

Earmuff choice

I decided to get Peltor muffs in the end. Quite good... very comfortable. As for the colour, well, its a bit like gumboots on my head. ( aka wellingtons/ galloshes?)

6 September 2011

Old Pile Of Triangles And Circles

A sweet find... a throwaway Healing. Not sure of date. Dig the pin-striping.
 Doan know... think I'll just clean this one,  throw on some noo tires. 
Anyone know where to get these (westwood) rims, but noo?


But then if you give your blog some TLC, glue all the bits back together and put it in a nice museum, it will attract many visitors from abroad.

5 September 2011


What happens to your blog if you dont post regularly