30 June 2011

27 June 2011

Its 11:59

And I want to stay alive!

19 June 2011

Rye Bread Badges

Bronze Rye Bread badges- now in dark and light!
Coming soon; a really small version- I will add them to the shop when they're ready...

Esmé presented me with her version too... she insists that the letter Y represents a figure throwing their hands up saying "yippee!"- so she always puts a little head on top.
I guess when she starts school next year they'll squash all those beautiful ideas she has :-(
so I'll record it here for posterity. Yippee!

18 June 2011

Isaac Button

I'm a bit of a late comer to this one- this is just an extract, its worth watching the whole thing on YouTube. Just amazing. 1200 pots thrown per day! I enjoyed the part where Mr Button is cutting the clay from the hillside too...(Thanks to Max Lamb)

17 June 2011

If I were a Netsuke

Thanks dear... just to clarify, are you saying I'm horsey or rat-faced? -Surely one cant be both (?)
(From An Introduction to Netsuke-Joe Earle.)

15 June 2011

Eames Do-Nothing Machine


Arched windows / batoned lining boards / stand-offish chimney / grindstone

14 June 2011

Spinning Cobwebs

Hand-crank pedestal drill at the forge on Churchill Island.
The only thing spinning, though- are the spiders...

8 June 2011

Sinking Feeling

...but in a good way- a sinking mallet ( aka bossing mallet) from Camberwell Market, for a few bucks.
High time for me to really get back into the smithing.
(I nearly bought some blacksmithing tongs too- but restrained myself- let's keep things cold for now)

7 June 2011

Wet Owl

Owls in a fountain. Its obvious really.
And popular- note holes from whence the other owls have been thieved. 

4 June 2011

More Moore Maw

Toothy observations at the NGV, thanks to 
Bruce Armstrong, Henry Moore and Roy Grounds

2 June 2011


Koshiro Onchi- いちばんうまい!!


Inuit woman adjusting seal-oil lamp. via Denver Museum

"The ice glittered in the light of the lamp, and heat and cold dwelt 
here together in theirfamiliar contrast. I shall never cease to chant
the beauty of the seal-oil lamp; and here again I asked myself, 
How can a length of cotton wick, fashioned into a saw-toothed strip 
and floating on melted blubber, spread such an astonishing measure
of friendliness and companionship? From this glow there emanates
the warmth and the security that constitute the true and inner meaning
of the word home."
-Gontran De Poncins, Kabloona