30 May 2011

Twittering Machine

This is a weird object. Spectacular!
The symbology is baffling- a gun that 'shoots' a bird- is this old time irony?
I would like to acknowledge Jesse for bringing this to my attention!


  1. The objets d'art created for the upper classes of past eras never cease to amaze me. Imagine having enough money to spend so much on a novelty such as a chirping bird pistol! I wonder what this pair ended up selling for today.

  2. thanks for posting this. They are amazing.

  3. Truly amazing. I love when wonderful things like these are preserved for future generations. I don't even mind the price, since that helps ensure that they'll be treasured and cared for.

  4. since they come as a pair, couldn't it be a parody of duel pistols?

  5. Since folks might want to know what happened to this pair, the information's here: http://www.christies.com/LotFinder/lot_details.aspx?from=salesummary&intObjectID=5448775&sid=

    The realized price was HK$45,460,000 ($5,866,499).

    That's some amazing craftsmanship!

    Just added the url for the auction (in case it's clickable, but wasn't sure).