3 March 2011

Yarra Valley Folks

Alistair Knox, champion of mudbricks and earthy architecture, powered by homespun wool.
Pics from byohouse.com

Monsalvat resident smith, Matcham Skipper. (There's that home-spun wool again). I never met Matcham, but somehow I ended up with one of his Django Reinhardt mix-tapes. That tape was kind of like The Littlest Hobo- because it wasnt mine for very long... Sorry Matcham- I dont know who's got it now. Pic from Montsalvat
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Hard to find footage of this quintet on on the net, love how the end part looks like a Picasso assemblage!


  1. Hey David,
    I heard via Kevin Murray that Matcham Skipper died a week or so ago. Have a look here: http://diamond-valley-leader.whereilive.com.au/news/story/remembering-matcham-an-eltham-legend/ and here: http://networkedblogs.com/eZ0NG

  2. Thanks Anna
    Condolences to Matcham's family and friends.