13 March 2011


5 March 2011


Love to poke around at Heide. I knitted my brows at the Heide II entrance though.
Then I scratched my head. Then folded my arms. Then arms akimbo.
Note addition of super-slick frameless plate-glass balustrading. Note Bruce Armstrong sculpture.
Note exotic Osage Orange fruits on ground. Now, contrast skew-angled pine retaining wall, cables/ conduits and white sewer pipe! Hmm. Make that go away.

4 March 2011

Grow Your Own Canoe

I'm not sure- but I believe this is an Aboriginal 'scar tree'- at Heide. It looks to be a few hundred years old. Wurundjeri people would cut slabs of bark from eucalyptus trees like this one, growing near the Yarra River and make canoes. Examples here and here.

3 March 2011

Yarra Valley Folks

Alistair Knox, champion of mudbricks and earthy architecture, powered by homespun wool.
Pics from byohouse.com

Monsalvat resident smith, Matcham Skipper. (There's that home-spun wool again). I never met Matcham, but somehow I ended up with one of his Django Reinhardt mix-tapes. That tape was kind of like The Littlest Hobo- because it wasnt mine for very long... Sorry Matcham- I dont know who's got it now. Pic from Montsalvat
More Yarra Valley folks here and here

Hard to find footage of this quintet on on the net, love how the end part looks like a Picasso assemblage!