27 February 2011


Whale bone found on the beach at Wineglass Bay, Tasmania. ( A beautiful beach).
It is about the size of a dinner plate, and appears to be part of a vertebra. The other side is smooth.
Whales are so big it staggers me. I also found a flipper bone ( equivalent to your finger bone) which is sort of like the size of a brick. Imagine having brick fingers! I don't know where that flipper bone is just now, otherwise I would've shown you. ( How did I misplace something like that?!(chagrin))
Beach combing... beach combing.


  1. Wow!
    If I had brick fingers it'd be clobberin' time!

  2. Edward Flipper-Hands
    "hold me"
    "I cant"

  3. I really like this thing (i have an elephant vertebra!) and I really like your work and especially like your blog header!
    best wishes