29 December 2011

Signal storage

You can send messages with these, for instance; "U-R-A-Q-T" or "N-E-1-4-10-S?"

28 December 2011


Alice: "Oh- that looks dangerous- must be a Serra..."
David: "Heh. Yeah... its called.... Shovel Plate Prop?"

27 December 2011


This silversmith is using very simple tools to raise very dynamic forms ( up and in and out etc)- starting from a flat sheet. The vessels in the back have very high sides. To achieve this, the sheet metal will be contracted ( ie thickened)- its pretty tricky- requiring skill, patience and hand strength. ( I recall several fellow students with jarred wrists- perhaps more than hand strength, a balanced, clever way of holding the work and striking needs to be developed)
Yes, these days such forms can be pressed or spun on big CNC machines, but the qualities of a hand-raised vessel are wonderous, with subtly modulated surfaces.

26 December 2011

Gradients and Arcs

This is by Hiroshige isnt it?
Pretty sure. Made in the 1800's I'd guess. This hanga really astonishes me.
The gradients are pretty typical for Hiroshige, usually he used them for the sky etc- but here they sing;
in the sky and sea (cut obliquely by the shore) and in green-white-red rainbow; and rhymed with the watermelon rinds- plus the arc of the cart-wheel 
To say nothing of the broken sandal and shy puppies!
(man, why didnt I buy it!)

Onchi | Onzi

So why did he call himself Onzi? Funny romaji?

14 December 2011


Goldsmiths in India. They call them Sonar I think.
Have a close look at what's going on here.
No gas torch, ( the guy in front has a little brazier of coals, he is blowing through a pipe to make it hotter for soldering) also no sheet rollers, no bench, no chair, no wall...

13 December 2011

The Wanderer

The lady in the pith helmet is my great great aunt Violet. She was among the first women drivers in Australia- here she is off on a jaunt to the outback. No air-con, in 40+ degree heat (100+Farenheit)
Still, "The Wanderer" looks like a pretty cool van! She collected some amazing Aboriginal artefacts on this trip- which I did marvel over- like amazing spearheads flaked from glass- most were donated to a museum when she died.

Examples of Bottle-glass spear heads now in the Oxford collection (here) So carefully made!

Not as dashing as Aunt Violet in her safari kit- but possibly more comfortable- Alice and I in the Outback.
It is Vast and Far Away ( the clue is in the name)

8 December 2011


I will be away from the 18th of December until the 1st of January.
The Golden Smith Shop will stay open over this time, but no shipping 'til January.
So if you'd like to receive your order before the 18th of December;
please place your order now...

7 December 2011

Bon Papa

Two pictures made by my Dad in the 70's- which I have kept.
-A weed. I think he likes certain 'weeds'. So do I.
-My sister and I eating. I am wearing a hat and have a cool shirt.
It looks like peas, but I highly doubt we are eating peas- its probably jelly.

3 December 2011

Freewheelin' Beehive

Saw this wild beehive at the Royal Botanic Gardens, thanks to Esmé and Joseph for showing me.
Not a good pic- its that yellowy blob in the middle of the pic, which is the wax combs with bees crawling all over it. This is pretty unusual- usually the bees would find a hollow tree or building to nest in, but this colony is just flapping in the breeze. Sadly, the other side of the comb has been harpooned with several different projectiles- thoughtless louts!  Some think that beekeeping is cruel- but it certainly provides the bees with an ideal home...
(though perhaps the rent—payable in honey— is high !)

2 December 2011


Rosalie Gascoigne meets Lego at our place?

30 November 2011

this time, gold

Ulno Bangle, now available on my webshop.

I dared myself—to make a gold bangle- as simply as possible.
For some reason, sometimes it takes courage just to do something simply- I worry that it may not be 'enough'.
But here, I think it is. Something beautiful and robust that you could wear everyday.
Let me know if you'd like one.

And for some reason, when I try to make something simply, it often takes much longer than I think!
In this case I tapered the wire very slightly, 1mm at the terminals, 1.5mm at the nadir- just for a bit of subtle dynamics. I did this by rolling the wire between massive slabs of iron, at a slight angle. This tapering could be achieved with a hammer, I suppose, but would result in a more planished look (planes of hammer-marks)- and besides I wanted to try the massive slabs. 

29 November 2011

22 November 2011


Brancusi's Golden Bird changes course. 

14 November 2011

Le Tigre

 E.Neale, at age 4.  

9 November 2011

Leafy Gold Ring

This is the beginning of a gold ring that I make.
I melted the end very slightly, to round it off any sharpness.
That's when the rainbow appeared.

The other side (which will become the inside of the ring) is burnished. I'm getting into burnishing. You don't remove any material, just rub it smooth with a piece of haematite.

I cleaned off the pesky (tho' pretty) rainbow.

Lastly, I bend it round.
And now its a ring.

7 November 2011

Color Field

I see a Rothko here- better even.

6 November 2011

4 November 2011


I dont remember who this guy is, but he's evidently pretty good at chasing and repoussé.
And could afford this kind of portraiture.
Nice hammer. 

2 November 2011


Jewellery by Warwick Freeman. Shell and Bone.
This shape is called a superellipse  or a Lamé curve, depending on how you feel about it.

1 November 2011

Oji at Mr Kitly

Conversation with Masanori Oji at Mr Kitly:
Me: Have you been to Australia before?
Oji-san: First time! You come to Mr Kitly before?
Me: First time!

*Nodding/ smiling*

Yep, finally got across town to Mr Kitly. Neat! Nice to meet Bree in person, albeit briefly.
Acquired Oji-san's trivet.
Sugoi desu ne?
And it does resonate very clearly when struck, too; "ding-wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....."
I think the company that produces Oji's brass designs make bells and such also (Futagami).

27 October 2011

Soup in the beard

Norman Lindsay (For J.)

Note: Lindsay was great at shoes

24 October 2011

Gimme Shelter

Saw this neglected anvil.
Sad, so much potential just going to waste...
Cost about five hundy too.

21 October 2011


Unremarkable technical prowess and imagination

20 October 2011

Bunker Boredom

Esmé: This bunker is so boring.
Self: It is so boring that it is interesting...
Esmé: Nup

19 October 2011

Silver Birch

Material experiment: 
I was rolling an ingot of silver, and soon discovered it to be full of air bubbles.
Usually this is rejected and would be recycled.
I decided to keep rolling it out anyways to see what would happen...
As you keep flattening it out, the bubbles get squashed too, and become lamina (layers).
Then they split and lift.
Then it kind of looked like birch bark, all wrinkly white with black striations.

18 October 2011


Wooden boats: a beautiful headache

16 October 2011

15 October 2011

Rose Petal Jam

I asked my Nana for her Rose Petal Jam recipe- and she gave me the original.
2nd best jam I've ever had*, totally delicious- try it!

( hmmm. Suddenly I feel like a piece of toast....)

4 oz Rose petals (15)  ( I guess she means 15 roses??)
 ½ cup lemon juice
1½cups water
2 cups sugar
     pectin    "Citrus Hunza"(what is that??)

Put all ingredients except pectin in pan (2" deep)
Stir till sugar dissolved
Bring to boil
Reduce heat, simmer covered for 30 mins
Add pectin, mixed
Bring to boil
simmer 1 min.

*1st Best is Nana's Green Gage Plum Jam –a piquant tongue-sparkling ambrosia,
Worst is Nana's Tomato, Passionfruit and Pineapple Jam- eww! ( my late Grandad's fav‽)

13 October 2011

Saw Fish Nose

Professionalism in Graffiti

"Damien, Sally, Hayley" imbue their graffiti with a certain corporate flavor.
I appreciate the professional touch.
Put a border 'round it people!

12 October 2011

Little House in The Big Woods

Call me a greenhorn dude- but I was thinking this might be a sweet little book to read to E at bedtime.
Well, it is pretty sweet- and cosy too- have you read it?
Learn homesteading skillz such as:
-kill deer, skin, butcher, smoke venison in an old log with hickory
-kill pig, scald off bristles, skin, butcher, inflate bladder, play with as balloon, eat tail, scrape head to make 'head cheese', use left-overs for sausages
-shoot bear, eat that too
This is just from CHAPTER ONE!!!!!!!!!
...Goodnight, E.- sleep tight?

11 October 2011


Always interested to see how the vertex (joiny bit) has been tackled when I come across a Geodesic Dome. I think thats the hard bit. (Well maybe putting a waterproof skin over the frame is the hardest bit, but thats only if you want to like, live in it, man.)

The old tube-squash-bolt trick works pretty good!
Bucky gets rigorously tested at this park- note bent struts!