30 June 2010

In the 'kshop


Workbench landscape, those are jeweller's saw blades in the bottles...
Very fine!

Gold ring, 18k.

I don't know what these are.
Some kind of crooked rain?

29 June 2010

Gimme Shelter

Incongruous corrugated.

my ears glowing in the sun

Ben Franklin; lightning experiments from a hut

cool commute



It could just be that I'm cold, ( and the size of one's workshop is proportionate to how ineffectual the heating is)- but Im thinking up a project that involves building a tiny workshop- like a sentry box or a shepherds hut... or a tinker's caravan or ice fishing shack.

And I could just make one type of thing in there.
And it would be warm.
Or something.
Ill let you know.

23 June 2010

Even more than I prayed for!

Silly/Sincere in perfect measure!

22 June 2010

Japan Dream

Just felt like going to Japan today ( most days really)
- for, you know, the little things.


Crazy carpentry: primitive-style lashing+ fake wood panelling

Superb detailing + oafish gas meters= brain tingle

onsen- with view of Fuji in the haze + boiled egg= :-/
(thanks Akira-san!)

Apologies if this graffiti offends ( wakarimasen!)

Steps: rise to tread ratio= high

Granite sink-bench/ courtyard/ well...
well! I am going to shufflle into this photo and making myself a little fire.

Tin repurposed as some kind of scoop- shovel,
looking so right to me that I'd say it came home...

21 June 2010

Monday Jumble

Little Gold Aster Earring !

Heavy History.

Tap tap,
ah! bozzer! I'fe zmashed mine zelf again!

Josef Hoffmann set

Apparently Auböck (above set) didnt like the Weiner Werkstatt (Hoffmann et al)?
But maybe I am getting my Karls mixed up?

That rock in the middle is actually a GOLD NUGGET
( watch out you sitting-down chaps! *squish*)
(And you there, on the roof! Who the devil are you fellows!?)
(err, carry on squire, we jus' want to be in the err, pho-to-graph!)

Goin' it alone, Bumble Bee? Keep warm lil' brudder...

18 June 2010


Maori comb. Dunedin Museum. Cant imagine the hair-do.

Sliver of Gold

Early Aster ( I think Coconut Lu owns these??)

Cock-a-doodle-doo, after Lautrec


Ikea hack?

Need: Giant Oval cutter

Askew to view the hues!

Cool, sure. But which unit goes in the kid's room? The Darth Vader/ Kendo Nursemaid end is a bit scary... but maybe it would work for us?
*I am your Father ! Your lack of sleep disturbs me!*

16 June 2010


Time spent pleasantly; making a replacement of an early style brooch for someone who had lost theirs. (suspected theft;... kind of flattering?)

Pre-paint. Possibly better?

I decided to put a roller-style catch on the pin for extra security.
One can just buy a machine-made catch and solder it on, unless one cannot be bothered going into the City to fetch it, in which case one must Make One's Own, which is what I did. Its not as perfect as a machine-made one, but that sorts of suits the piece, and it works very well indeed.

Open position; put the pin into the slot and then the tab at the top rolls down...

and locks the pin in place. Voila!

15 June 2010

Sun Dried

The Little Sun Ring.
22k Yellow Gold.

Handful of Sultanas.
Small round things, to go with The Little Sun.
Sun dried sultanas- yum!
One is a pendant and the other a little badge.

The beginnings of some silver Aster earrings...