9 May 2010

Eucalyptus | Modern

One of the guerrilla Ghost Gums planted by my Grandpa ( aka The Tree Ninja) in the neighbouring park-(the follow up on an earlier post)
Eucalyptus trees and Mid Century architecture. It seems to be a thing.
Yes, even outside of Australia. (note that they are not native to America)
In fact I read a slogan for the Eames house; "If you love Modernism and the smell of Eucalyptus in the morning..." or something similar.(pic:Eames Foundation)
Does anyone know more about this? ( I should probably just ask my grandpa!)
They do make a striking counterpoint to the oblong-austerity; and are a iconoclastic choice,
that is, I mean its not like a formal european planting. Early european settlers in Australia generally hated eucalypts (I gather;- they cut most of them down and planted elms or... grass...!)
I have been slowly gathering the notable examples I come across. Ive spotted quite a few in the neighbourhood, but havent documented, not wanting to look like a spy!

Alistair Knox- well yes, hardly a planted garden!; nothing but eucalyptus; very earthy modern. In Eltham? Note obligatory hand-adzed dining situation / homespun wool sweater

Eames House

Heide II.

More to come...

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