31 May 2010

SOME AND NONE: Sydney version, at Metalab

My Some and None jewellery show is travelling to Sydney!
It opens at MetaLab gallery, June 3rd. Opening night is this Thursday from 6 to 8pm.
Ill be flying up for the opening, so if you're in Sydney, come down, I'd love to meet you there!
We can talk about old times... or make up some new 'times' as we go, and talk abut them another time...

Where it's at: P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

(sorry thats ingrained in my soul)

Where its really at:

10b Fitzroy place
Surry Hills

27 May 2010

Silver Dust Fusion!

This is a detail of a blackened silver brooch I made a while back. Its all hand fabricated, rather than a cast burn-out of a real plant... I snipped the buds out of really thin sheet with little scissors and then scored texture on them with a pin. They are about 5 to 8mm across. Can you see the fine, grainy texture in the stems and so on? ( click to enlarge) This is done by heating up the silver 'til the surface is just melting- flashing- then at that exact moment, sprinkling on silver dust! The dust fuses to the momentarily molten surface! Yikes! ( its tricky- you might melt the whole lot, the sheet is ≈0.1 mm thick dude!) ( just incase you thought I wasnt much good)
While I might be congratulating myself on this technical prowess, in Actuality, I havent been able to get any one to buy this piece, so it has been languishing in a box... in my workshop... for ages... maybe its too delicate? sigh.

25 May 2010

Boots for the Little Man

Boots to scale, for more mini-man adventures!

20 May 2010

Copper Kettle

link: fine tool journal

Get you a copper kettle
Get you a copper coil
Fill it with new-made corn mash
And never-morrrrrrre you'll toil...

17 May 2010

In Memory of Mari Funaki

Last week Mari died after a long struggle with cancer.

She has been a very significant figure in my life, both as a gallery director, and as a maker whom I admired, so it is with a pained heart that I try to express these things. My sympathy goes out to all who knew her.

For those unfamiliar, these are some of her works; very intuitive arrangements of planes- and she had a gifted sense of the 'space between' - I wish I had my own photos of these works- we all have a different eye, and there is plenty more to see amidst the gaps and edges of Mari's work.

(pics from Funaki)

Recalling how I met Mari...

During my 2nd year of university studies in Gold and Silversmithing, I began to feel guilty about devoting myself to something that wasnt... I dont know, saving the world? So, I quit.

Strangely, given that I had just quit- Mari saw my work in the end-of-year student exhibition, and invited me to visit her gallery and show her some more of my work.

Nerve-wracking indeed!

I was 19 years old- or maybe just barely 20.

I vividly remember walking to this appointment, up Crossley St, with very sweaty palms, clutching a wooden box of my trinkets.

Though small, Gallery Funaki is very prestigious in this genre, representing internationally acclaimed makers like Otto Künzli and Karl Fritsch.

Sitting at the back of the single-roomed gallery, beautiful and elegantly dressed (as always), was Mari. Expecting rejection, I laid out my jewellery for her consideration. Some of it she liked, some not...

And so it has been for the last 10 or so years.

When she would assess any of my new work, she would be straight up with me, rejecting anything that she wasn't sure of.

"mmm, I dont know...what do you think?"

or just straight out -" I do not understand this one."

I was thinking that she was just like that with me- but other artists have told me the same story.

This is what kept the calibre of her gallery so high.

To be honest, I was afraid of disappointing her, which would freeze me up completely at times- and so just not make much jewellery- no doubt to her actual disappointment! She was gracious about this- she must have believed in my potential.

To my great relief, I was able to thank Mari before she died, and to express to her how much of an honour it has been to be represented at her gallery- how this has dignified my work, and thereby dignified me... quite a gift, when I think about it.

I will miss having someone who was hard to impress, and whose praise was never empty platitude.

I will miss her honesty.

Mari, I will miss you, your voice stays with me. Until we meet again!

9 May 2010

Eucalyptus | Modern

One of the guerrilla Ghost Gums planted by my Grandpa ( aka The Tree Ninja) in the neighbouring park-(the follow up on an earlier post)
Eucalyptus trees and Mid Century architecture. It seems to be a thing.
Yes, even outside of Australia. (note that they are not native to America)
In fact I read a slogan for the Eames house; "If you love Modernism and the smell of Eucalyptus in the morning..." or something similar.(pic:Eames Foundation)
Does anyone know more about this? ( I should probably just ask my grandpa!)
They do make a striking counterpoint to the oblong-austerity; and are a iconoclastic choice,
that is, I mean its not like a formal european planting. Early european settlers in Australia generally hated eucalypts (I gather;- they cut most of them down and planted elms or... grass...!)
I have been slowly gathering the notable examples I come across. Ive spotted quite a few in the neighbourhood, but havent documented, not wanting to look like a spy!

Alistair Knox- well yes, hardly a planted garden!; nothing but eucalyptus; very earthy modern. In Eltham? Note obligatory hand-adzed dining situation / homespun wool sweater

Eames House

Heide II.

More to come...

4 May 2010

Le Fil

Dear Ned,
I just wanted to say again how
much I loved the sand dollar
necklace. The peppermint dental
floss was an inspired touch. Who
are you, Ned Plimpton? I find
myself asking that question. I
hope you allow me to find out.
Love, Jane

My subject for this post is an amusing quote of the goldsmith Dr. Robert Baines (head of the department at Rmit)

"I don't want to make little badges you know, and little dinky things on thread," he says. "I don't do that. There's a real trend that that's contemporary jewellery and it is valid - I know where the references come from - but it's not me. I am not interested."

I dunno Robert... why not? What's wrong with jewellery?

pics: Hermann Jünger (of course) , text from The Life Aquatic
and Henriette Schuster (string bringer ne plus ultra)