30 April 2010

Peanut Butter? Or Sandwich spread?

You dont have to go far in the blogosphere to find pics of Calder's interiors.
Dont get me wrong, I dig it, but this picture is hilarious.
Louisa must have been a very supportive wife...
It's a house full of Sandy's stuff, not to mention the man himself, and so, what coffee-table book would they have...?
The opposite would be this Python sketch about Beethoven's wife:

Whenever Alice and I have to interrupt each other with something trivial, we say:
"Peanut Butter?! Or Sandwich Spread?!"

28 April 2010

The Diamond Maker

H.G. Wells; well, Im not particularly into science fiction, but Wells did it best... you know, really english. I was going to paste a whole story here, but this link will do... it's short!

27 April 2010

Two Star

I've started work on the old Two Star single-speed beater, Im pretty sure it's pre WWII.
She has those nice stars on the head lugs.
Very relaxed geometry. The forks have a huge lazy rake.
This is unlike the track/fixed bikes you see kids riding around on, which have very steep angles and tight clearances b/w frame a wheels, which just means a short wheel base; a very 'twitchy' ride, good for manoeuvering (how do you spell that anyway?!) but not so good for the road bumps. The top pic is great inspiration from the kiwis; Bishop's Path Racers

22 April 2010


I think I should re-name this blog 'Things I Never Used To Like'; right now Im on a bit a of a Georg Jensen kick... Ive come to quite like the classicism of his early stuff. ( and Torun, yes yes, and Fog, and Malinowski, ,ok ok and even Koppel sometimes too)
This happened to me after a friend asked me to repair a vintage Jensen bracelet she has. I admired its chunkiness and good silvery presence. I am constantly learning about what makes good jewellery. (Or is it that I am unlearning my art school education at last! Now "Im a real boy!")
The workshop pic is amusing, very close working quarters- and it looks like a lot of chasing or repoussé work going down with those very dainty hammers. Georg's rendering is pretty nice, although the design is somewhat like a spooky alien. I'd like to think that the notation at the top right says "Gimme Silence". (I wish I had apprentices to baffle with cryptic notes like that!)

21 April 2010

Coffee Tampers

I have vowed not to take a photo of the coffee I drank today. However, I will show you these coffee tampers I've just made. The larger one is for a "58mm" basket on the ol' Faema family that we're using at home. The wood is Huon Pine I reckon, a very beautiful Tasmanian wood that is endangered now I think ( this is old stock fyi). The smaller one is steel- I abbreviated one of my silversmithing stakes! It is very heavy- I use it for a little Bialetti stove-top caffettiere that we use when camping or when the Faema is busted (often). I definitely wouldn't take this tamper on a camping trip unless it had some serious drillium...

19 April 2010

Bertoia Jewelry

Bertoia Jewelry.
I keep digging up more...
He was good.
It's kind of morphic ...
Dig that crawfish, done with six blows of the hammer.
Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam...bam = crawfish.
And the odalisque, with a faintly discernible face.
Nice how he used the rivetted fittings in the front of the design.
From previous auctions at Wrights.

15 April 2010


A Hang-It-All for Alice
(Now I just need to build a house to screw it to...)

14 April 2010

Gold Leafy Ring

Ring, 22k Yellow Gold. David Neale.
The-curled-leaf-idea, an oldy, true, but a goody.
FAQ: Do you cast real plants?
A: No, I make the models from metal; the textures etc are all hand work. I think of them as 'sketches' of life...

( And...Gold is very tricky to photograph! Its rich lustre is so elusive... and I cant seem to get any depth of field with my macro. Time for a new camera?)

12 April 2010

Symmetry Stones

Joseph Hoffmann designed (brooches / pendants?)
Early 1900s I think.
Symmetry is not unusual in jewellery ( I guess we like it because it mirrors us...?),
but Hoffmann's is strong and features Two-ness very boldly.
Architectural, like mini gates.

9 April 2010


Some and None opens tonight...
These are some of the brooches I've made.
p.s. Ive started to make some big versions for the wall.

8 April 2010





6 April 2010

For the Arm


Bronze and brass.

4 April 2010


Found me a Lurcher, can I keep him?
Neale & Son? Monogrammed hammer for the little man. (He's not ready yet- he'd just bop himself in the head... and Esmé is going through a Princess phase, so I gather that a even a personalised hammer would be below her station for the time being !)