23 March 2010

Tweed Rye Light Kombi & Honey

Tweed jacket I've salvaged for a Wall Pocket. Put stuff in there; coins, an old tissue, a boiled lollie, a train ticket, a hair comb, a pen knife?

Latest bronze badge. 

Like a dinosaur egg...

Cut Away Kombi. I guess its a kid's thing that has turned into goldsmith's thing- to like small objects (and to want to shrink down to a tiny man and drive around in this thing, camping out under the bentwood chairs...)

Dad's funny label for his honey. ( This is an old one that the silverfish have enjoyed!)
Lately he's been giving us more honey than we can possibly eat. Really good full-bodied Yellow Box (a prevalent eucalyptus species here)- not heat treated or filtered.(bees knees float to the top) More on beekeeping to come...

22 March 2010


Golden Fruit- A.A. Milne (from Not That It Matters Essays)

"It is well that the commonest fruit should be also the best. Of
the virtues of the orange I have not room fully to speak. It has
properties of health-giving, as that it cures influenza and
establishes the complexion. It is clean, for whoever handles it
on its way to your table but handles its outer covering, its top
coat, which is left in the hall. It is round, and forms an
excellent substitute with the young for a cricket ball. The pips
can be flicked at your enemies, and quite a small piece of peel
makes a slide for an old gentleman.

But all this would count nothing had not the orange such
delightful qualities of taste. I dare not let myself go upon this
subject. I am a slave to its sweetness. I grudge every marriage
in that it means a fresh supply of orange blossom, the promise of
so much golden fruit cut short. However, the world must go on.
Yet with the orange we do live year in and year out. That speaks
well for the orange. The fact is that there is an honesty about
the orange which appeals to all of us. If it is going to be bad--
for even the best of us are bad sometimes --it begins to be bad
from the outside, not from the inside. How many a pear which
presents a blooming face to the world is rotten at the core. How
many an innocent-looking apple is harbouring a worm in the bud.
But the orange has no secret faults. Its outside is a mirror of
its inside, and if you are quick you can tell the shopman so
before he slips it into the bag."

Otzi the ice man

For the outdoorsmen; check Otzi the Iceman's accoutrements... rugged. Aint no Black Diamond and Petzl!
Various reconstructions.

16 March 2010


H. Pyle. Marooned.
left with some water and a musket on a tidal sand bar...

Me, age 13 , by my sister , Kim. Not a bad likeness.
Bon Papa at Queenscliff- note observational paintings of passing ships on the walls.
(This is at the heads of a large bay)

cushion at my Geepees.

Scrimshaw ( should I say scrimshandered?) whale tooth. Dunedin museum. Nice waves.
(And if I had teeth like that I would definately eat giant squid. Yum. Imagine calamari from a giant squid... you could make wheels out of it...)

A scrimshaw I did ages ago. About actual size. On bone. Did it with a pin. The hands are kind of weird. Its pretty tricky, because you cant really see what you've drawn until you ink it- and yet you must use firm, decisive scratches. Still, I thought you might find it interesting...

14 March 2010

Up To

What I've been up to.
I will be having a solo exhibition at the JamFactory in Adelaide: April 10th-16th May.
Part of the group will be these foldy-leafy brooches... but also some quite different work.
More to come...

11 March 2010

FineTool Journal

Red boxes vignette - I love these all the more for being tools that I use daily; pin vice, calipers, square ( well maybe I dont use the square so much!)

10 March 2010


Morris Louis- nice edge...

Some of my twin boxes

Shaker sconce, just so. Really great.

Hepworth's studio- an early one

Ivon Hitchins

P.Go ( I guess Im into these muddy palettes...)

Pablo- I guess its not a wedding ring...

Louisa Calder with unjoined wedding ring by Sandy (who else)

he he! forgive my iconoclasticsm...

4 March 2010


Donald Duck taught me a lot about treasure and stuff. In this story the ducks meet the fabled Gilded Man, a giant who wears a 24k gold body suit. It turns out he's bored with the locally ubiquitous gold and so desperately covets Donald's silver-buckled satchel. Funnily the color-in guy messed up the cover and made the buckles yellow.