29 October 2009

The Old Man and the Sea

I was idly flipping through this, a very old favourite of mine,
then got hooked and read all of it. 

"But it is good that we do not have to try to kill
the sun or the moon or the stars. 
It is enough to live on the sea and kill our true brothers. "

27 October 2009

Yabbies a la Huckleberry Finn!

here's a pic of the coffee I drank today--NOT! .
its cherax destructor!!-
Australian fresh water crayfish- or 'Yabby'.

We spied them creeping along the river bed and so, wanting to impress my friends, I rolled up my jeans a la Huckleberry Finn, and deftly grabbed them just behind the claws. Still, these beasties have spines all over and it was a painful grab!
We bagged four- dutifully dispatched by Jesse and effortlessly pan-fried by Micah.
(thanks Jesse for the pics)

eight bright night lights

1. at the netsuke museum
5.shaker tinkery
6. franz rickert

26 October 2009

Eye Shields

My eyes see goodly. No need for spectacles.
But, Ive been to the Eye Hospital more than once with eye injuries.
I wear eye protection. Which has got me interested in spectacle design...

21 October 2009

Broken Arrow

And while we're in the Americas,  Indian trade beads and jewelry
 (...that's how its spelled in the US (no, not spelt))
Striking displays, no? Like playing cards...
and the proverbial broken arrow too.

19 October 2009

Shakey Boxes

shaker craft; so boring its sublime.
 The details, proportions and materials
 become more apparent and significant.
Drunk on its own sobriety. 

14 October 2009

Banishes Thoughts

- Adventures of Huckleberry Finn:

"A jews-harp's plenty good enough for a rat. All animals likes music -- in a prison they dote on it. Specially, painful music; and you can't get no other kind out of a jews-harp. It always interests them; they come out to see what's the matter with you. Yes, you're all right; you're fixed very well. You want to set on your bed, nights, before you go to sleep, and early in the mornings, and play your jews-harp; play The Last Link is Broken -- that's the thing that'll scoop a rat, quicker'n anything else: and when you've played about two minutes, you'll see all the rats, and the snakes, and spiders, and things begin to feel worried about you, and come. And they'll just fairly swarm over you, and have a noble good time."

Sometimes called a Jew's Harp, or Maultrommel, or Scacciapensiare (literally 'banishes-thoughts'? or maybe 'cares-away'?)- I like this instrument. It is really simple, cross-cultural and suits the wanderering soul.
It makes a twangy noise. ( you might know it from A Few Dollars More theme?)
You can modulate the single note it makes by changing the shape of your mouth or breathing over it...

anyway- mine is broken. (top) Ill have to heat it up red hot to re-affix the 'twanger'.Ill let you know how it goes. But it will be a higher note because it is now a bit shorter. This one is pretty big- the vibrations make my eyes shake when I pluck it!

Fantastic image of woman is from barabeke's flickr