30 June 2009


Well, I had some butter on toast (blogs start going downhill when meals get documented- but not here gentle reader, not here)
and boy I love butter. mmmmmm
so, the richness of yellow; just whizz through your photo album and click on the yellows:
-Laib's pollen. exquisite. 
-thanks Sister
-Butter sculpture by .......
-I could really do with some of that there energol.
-Arp woodcut. huh who knew he did cuts?
-an Earring
-A door
-Erzi 'nanas- oh yeah, Alizé made me a banananana smoothie today too.
-la moo? from
-a blur
-beautiful Alice amoung the swaddles. found myself a Hardoy chair on hard rubbish!!
-Derwenty richness. drawn when I was 18. some nag, probably Sundance.
-Laib at work. good ol' Laib ...in his socks
-a blur

23 June 2009

Steel Steeds

Trusty Steeds...
-Onion panniers...for those endurance onion rides
-the story of 'Major' Taylor is worth reading. It seems many champion cyclists have tragic stories... this one full of adversity! You can get replica Major Taylor-style handlebars from Soma. Yes please!
-My hard-rubbish found Malvern Star 'Two Star' is coming along... just need to choose a colour-scheme. I cant get past black enamel with brass details... but? Any ideas? 

19 June 2009

Vessel with a twist

1.I think this is Egyptian - made of Electrum, a native alloy of Gold/ and at least 20% Silver.
this is one of my most ¡favorite! pieces of silversmithing of all time! And very influential on my work, or more accurately, very reassuring/ affirming of my style. (British Museum)
2.Wirkkala- Scando goodness. via
3.Hiroshi Suzuki- his style doesnt really appeal to me, but he is a wonderful smith! via
4.Morandi. Well, I couldnt resist... 

16 June 2009

Silvery Moon

I never thought of the moon as having colour! The moon is new to me!
I love that moon.

15 June 2009

Duct-Arms McFunnel-Hat

If you were 'Le Ferblantier', 'Der Klempner' or 'The Tinsmith,' you might have one of these out front of your shop... 'ol Duct-Arms Mc. Funnel-Hat

14 June 2009


a Tom Lewis Illustration 

10 June 2009

Outils Marteaux

Marteaux= Hammer
from the Desury family 
I love hammers!

9 June 2009

Delivery Trivia

Delivery. Its all in the delivery.
I had never heard of a Rochoir before...you?
pictured top right of lower pic.
It is a smith's tool for the very controlled delivery of paste-solder (somewhat of an anti-climax for some). Basically, sometimes you want to deposit a very thin layer of solder over an entire surface if you are attaching many small elements. Like in filigree maybe. 
So, solder dust is mixed with flux into a paste, then you could put it into a rochoir.
this is a little can with a long narrow spout. The spout has a series of bumps along it, allowing the smith to bump out a measured dose, by running a finger over them them. Apparently you have to make your own.
a little smithing trivia...

2 June 2009

Iron Kettle

Cast Iron. Yes. 
I do like a good tetsubin...

its getting cold in the workshop,
thinking of a little kettle warming over the brazier -warms me.

1 June 2009


The Aesthetics of No Aesthetic. 
Possibly, Space Equipment ( real, not sci-fi) has the most kind-of buttoned-down, No Frills design approach. To the enth degree. But look at it! Bold splashes of Gold, unusual textures, mysterious components! (what on earth is a Boyd Bolt??)
  So, it is a good example of how that mode of design produces incredible visual interest, un-intentionally. 
I assume the rationale in these designs is all about highly critical functionality, and servicability- the Astronaut has to be able to fix this stuff if it blows up.
And I love how it all looks so dinky and fragile. like it was made by Gondry out of duct tape and Alfoil! that Umbrella Thingy on the Lunar Rover cracks me up!