29 May 2009

Box with Eye

Friend Olivia (it is doubtful that she reads the Golden Smith) enjoys simplified photography, like pin-hole camera, Lomo, and so on. This has piqued my interest in super-simple early cameras, which are just nice boxes with basic apertures and slidey bits. Ive included these here, because they fall into that realm of the personal object, with nicely-crafted features- like a an old watch, or some gold-rimmed spectacles, for example.
#1 looks like something Judd would like...
#2 with those gryphony-leviathanish bearers, really makes an iPhone look like a used bar of soap!

28 May 2009

More Kapoor

Kapoor has also designed some jewellery based on this circular sculpture, (which in itself has great presence- the subtle modulation of the reflective surface...) but something was definately lost in the scaled-down translation... 
Scale is like that. Its like you'd have to scale down the molecules as well... the properties of materials dont have the same relational appearance (especially so with paint, which is much thicker, relationally, on a small scale)

25 May 2009

Mercury Bath

Speaking of mercury fountains;
Calder did one (news to me)- its at the Fundacio Joan Miro,
and a little one by Takeshi Ishiguro ( he might make you one?)
and a Nat Geo pic from '73, a guy FLOATING on mercury

as Donald Duck would say; "gleep!"

The High Polish Canon

Im not a polisher (...yet)
I guess you all know that.
Well, it just hard that's all.
Hard to find your own 'voice'.
Its a bit like rubbing away your own gestures until there's nothing left but a reflection of everything else!
this is not a critism in any way, just a musing.
I dont have anything worthy to add to the High Polish Canon...
Perhaps my voice is weak and mutable?
So much to say about 'Bird in Space'!
(note slight differences in the above versions)

23 May 2009

Kapoor's Cloud Gate

'Cloud Gate', Anish Kapoor.
Ive been thinking about it.
I do like it. 
Its mercuriality. (I am expecting it to flop and shimmer away down the steps...)
Its mass/ materiality. (welded from 10mm s/s sheets!) Its perfection.
(but boy it was too expensive! $US 23 million, privately funded- might as well have been an actual mercury fountain) 

Kapoor likes to remove all evidence of the making and construction. No gesture, no signature, no solder joins! (see Jünger)

Interestingly, I rather think it is so perfected that it has a decidedly 'made by humans' quality.
I can 'see' the making process just as clearly as if it were covered in seams. There is no randomness; there is implicit control; I can visualise the endless meetings and emails with engineers and financiers, the days upon days of grinding and polishing, not to mention the twice daily wipe-down! 
While a schoolboy, we visited an orchard.
Each of us was given an apple.
My friend Jeremy sat on the bus and polished his ALL the way home.
It shone, yes, but more impressive was his devotion to the task;
I had eaten mine within a minute. 
It was delicious!

21 May 2009

Flimsy Fool

Apollo with gold foil radiation shielding
Greek burial shim

19 May 2009


I use a drill quite a lot in my work, so this is today's musing on holes / drills...

'Drillium' or 'Perfore' is the time honored art of lightening objects by drilling out as many holes as possible without compromising integrity. Typically a cycling obsession with weight reduction, but also useful for hiking, and um... art?
-Fork end  drillium (the part of a bike that holds the rear wheel) 
-Tony Cragg sculptures, he seems to dig the ol' drillium
-More bike drillium; note head-set, shift levers and brake calipers.
- bullet drillium
-err, I dont know who this guy is, but he is Drilly Drill-Drill McDrill
-A 'drill spider' by Paulo Nenflidio . Eek!

15 May 2009


No apparent theme today folks, just Nealesque family stuff...
-invitation to drinks on Dad's yacht (remember?)
-album cover for an erstwhile friend 
-Artline Frogs
-Esmé's (daughter) beautiful colour-sense, at age 2
-Adele's (sister) teepee!
-Me (self) age 11, with Sherry (horse)- who survived the horrific St.Andrews-Kinglake bushfire, but died a week later of illness... (nice Hassleblad pic by Ralph ( grandpa))
-George (father); 80's aqua / seaweed / plate of gold scraps ( see, there was some smithing in here somewhere after all!)

11 May 2009

Hewn Hefty

-Calder (again, I know) Is this the story of love played out here?
-Ice skate clogs. (sheesh! Blisters anyone?)
-David Neale earrings. 
-Franz West (well... it looks hewn)
-Dug-out canoe. One is guy dressed like Asterix, whilst the other guy...

4 May 2009

Gentlemen Braze their Bikes

Old school Bike Frame Builders...
Dave Moulton ( what is he doing with that hammer? and where can I get me some Wayfarer sheilds?)
Pogliaghi (note meagre moustache and wide-eyed enthusiasm) 
I think this is the Masi? workshop?? the Boss' scrutiny
Nagasawa "the bicycle is a sort of picture: it has to be well-balanced and beautiful."

2 May 2009

Crossed Lines

1. Agnes Martin
3. Agnes again x 4. 
4. Line Vautrin, un petit boite
5. Geoff Mc Fetridge , behind the scenes of an interesting 2D-becomes-3D painting
6. Geoff himself with said painting and cool specs.
7. E minor! ( let ring)
8. Part of a Kerouac poem 'The rain is really milk / the night is really white'
9. Biro Graphics™
10. Iron tsuba ( sword hilt) unusual grid design. very... striking?
11. Envelope innards. I LOVE these. maybe paper a whole room with?
12.French plaid samples
13. detail, Hokusai. or is is Hiroshige???
14. Cable management, Tokyo.