30 March 2009

Wheat Motif

Yes, the Wheat motif. Or any grain really. Love it.
1.ha ha couldnt resist... The Big Wheat? Turkmanistan's Museum of Earliest Wheat. 
2.My own version in 22k gold and linen (detail)
4.Arno Malinowski again- goood no? definately an influence from iron tsuba detectable.
5. Museum of Tokyo- 17th century. Rice motif I'd guess...

29 March 2009


The real-life 'Japhy' from The Dharma Bums.
(amazed to find a photo!)
 I liked how the gifts he gave to 'Ray' (Kerouac) were always his own pre-loved possessions. There is worthwhile Thing-Think in that somewhere. It could be disappointing to get a used gift at times, but also could be way more cool... a prized possession of your friend's; there's heart in that.


Im back! 
with a strong little Calder bronze to mark the occaision.

14 March 2009

Rosalie Gascoigne

Went to the Gascoigne retrospective today. Good wood.

11 March 2009

The Signet Ring

Signet Ring. The Goldness of this piece is ne plus ultra. By that I mean the colour, lustre, softness and mass of the material are apparent and well used.
The intaglio design is lively and rigourous- the horses are well observed and deftly engraved I think. This convincing realism is charmingly off-set by the crude horizon and simpler drapery on the driver. Although the perspective of the wheel is advanced, I think maybe its centre is eccentric(?). Almost as if engraved by another hand. Quite possible. The whole shape of the ring-face seems to be asymmetrical- I wonder if this is from time-wear or intent? I suppose its only 20 or 30mm wide, but it seems huge in my mind.

8 March 2009

Red Turning Into Blue

Vintage Grain Sack material. They make this into cool bags and stuff.

Red, off-white and blue is my favourite colour triad. I have made a few objects using this scheme and will do more. I've been thinking about this; why is it so appealing? It has to be off-white, not just white. No flags, please. 
Then I realised, that these are basically the so-called primary colours, just a bit muted. Also, if you are looking at a rainbow or colour spectrum, and you squint... you pretty much get red to pale yellow to blue! So! Its pretty much a natural progression of colours; a harmonious spectrum of wavelengths.
1. cropped sunset photo demonstrating the spectrum
2. Painting on ply. 2007
4. Hair pin. Wood  2006. has an articulated top section for interest.
5. Brooch / Wall piece.  Silver, paint. 2006. Folky, matte, papery-looking, but actually metal.

6 March 2009

A blasé Mediterranee?

Calder-font in Bold, for sure. Gravity and earrings are old and friendly rivals, so Calder's balancing game works well here. The tilting 'N' makes me laugh! These among my Favourite Earrings of All Time. I think its the graphic power of the triangles in 'A' and 'M'....precipitous! Can anyone tell me what or where 'Ablasa' is? ( assuming Im reading it correctly. Or is it 'A blasa'; as in a blasé mediterranian? That would be great )
update: So... its 'a bas la mediterranee'. I have no french but I guess it means the 'depths of the mediterranian', or the ' bottom of the mediterranian' or, a 'mediterranian's bottom??' 

Ploughing Now

I had thought of ploughing as a 'proverbial' job, you know, famous, but lost. But a even a brief image search shows that ox and horse-drawn ploughing is current technology, still used in many parts of the earth. When I made the gold Ox pin above, I was first thinking about classic, old-time rural stuff , but now it has a connection to today- how different our lives can be across the world.
The Ox pin is actually a little smaller than this image, its about the size of two match heads. I made the first one by sawing out little silhouettes and soldering them into a sandwich. Then came some shaping, using a bit of judicious torch-melting.
   Baz Luhrmann bought one! Something to do with Australia...
pic:  hulton archive

3 March 2009

Old Snare Drums

Regard the drum-form as a sculptural-graphic object; cylinder , disc, stripe and zig-zag.


2 March 2009

Dolphins are OK

Few animals have been the subject of as much corniness!
Even though a motif might be thread-bare (or stretched), as it were, beyond recognition, from over-use - maybe it could be done differently; reclaimed?
I suppose, though, that you can never escape the corny associations that the dolphin motif carries, so no matter what you do with it, those associations are always going to be there, like some kind of penumbra.

1. So... I went there.
I made a ridiculously elongated dolphin, a reference to cliched jewellery, you see...
but, its kind of serious... 
I do love dolphins!

2. Dolphin Money?
Greek coins from Olbia, circa 6th C. BC
Approx. 35 mm long , 1-3 grams.
via the very interesting British Museum online collection
I cite these as an example of serious dolphinry, because money is serious stuff. 

3. Arno Malinowski brooch for Georg Jensen. (My fav Jensen designer- especially his iron series.) This one is particularly good because it is a bit puzzling; very formal composition, typical Jensen look, but... who puts dolphins with plants?? I dont think its seaweed either; the pea-like tendril is in the air as the dolphins breach past it. Wacky dolphin stuff! There are cufflinks with the same dolphins.