3 June 2013

Lapis Lazuli Lesssons

Gold and lapis lazuli beads.
Ur, souther Iraq. c.2600-2400BC
British Museum

Diadem. Southern Italy. c.250-200 BC.
Gold with lapis lazuli.This diffusion-bonded ornamentation is very tiny!
Note twisty wires (stone rolled), granulation (little balls) and
 the mark-out scribe-lines on the substrate. A mix of crude and virtuoso!
British Museum.

Raymond Templier 1934
Brooch. White gold, glass, lapis lazuli. 
V&A Museum.

Marco Zanini, 1983
Ring. Gold, coral and lapis lazuli
V&A Museum.

                                                Plinth, Lapis lazuli (or is it blue marble?). Musei Capitolini.

Roman(?) I assume gold and lapis lazuli (?)
Amazing flatness and patina to modulate the rich colours.
Musei Capitolini

Following the lessons;
Keep it simple, let the gold and lapis lazuli do the work...
 ~Here, little ring I made for someone (their design),
she has much daintier and better-looking fingers I'm sure!
Gold and lapis lazuli.


  1. Lapis and gold - a marriage made in heaven!

  2. Can you make another ring like the one in the last picture?

  3. Hi Garret
    You can email me directly for custom enquiries
    thegoldensmith "at" gmail "dot" com