19 February 2013

The Neale's Grand Tour!

After the hard times of 2011, I wanted to go with my beautiful wife Alice on a holiday.
So we're off to Paris for our anniversary!
Then drive to Rome, the long lazy way.
In a Citröen. With the kids. (Just like Babar! except our car and luggage are not quite as cool)
Ive never been to France or Italy, so please-any recommendations would be greatfuly received!
Here's the route:

( I'm also going to sneek in a visit to the British and V&A Museums- my first time- pretty excited!)

Babar pic from the always excellent My Vintage Book Collection


  1. All the places I would suggest are out of your way. But either way - Villers-Brettineaux for the Australian War Memorial. And Reimes - for the champagne tunnels!!

  2. oh you will make even more awesome pieces when you return from your Grand Tour! I live in Tuscanyshire, maybe I can weave some suggestions for the italian part of the trip: when are you planning to travel? And, more importantly, do you have a very worthy pony-sitter...?
    Be well,
    p.s. drop Rome, go to Venezia instead

  3. Hello! is it too late? Have you been on your trip already? If not, in Paris I think you'd love the Musee du Quai Branly near the Eiffel tower, and also the Natural History Museum. If you're coming to London I think you might also really like the Wellcome Collection (this is not too far from the British Museum). Also, you may already know about the amazing Ice Age art exhibition that is on at the BM at the moment - it is very busy so if you don't have long in London it might be worth booking tickets. If you visit the V&A don't forget to go all the way up to the top floor to the ceramics galleries. If you have any time to travel outside London, you might really like the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford and Kettle's Yard in Cambridge.
    If you're driving through France, there are, of course, lots of great things to see. But just a couple to mention - on a trip last year I visited Ferdinand Cheval's Palais Ideal in Hauterives near Lyon. I think you might really appreciate what this remarkable man achieved (and in the grounds of the town's chateau there is the most incredible, ancient, giant tree. I feel a little daft recommending visiting a tree, but honestly it is a very special thing to see). And, if you're in that part of the world, the cathedral in La Puy is extraordinary too. Have an AMAZING time!

  4. I recommend the brancusi museum which is just in outside of the Pompidou. Its not large but so worth visiting - truly knocked my socks off. I also loved Deyrolle which I didn't expect to do!!