22 November 2012

An Actual Tweet

Experimenting with whistles.
I love that it is a simple object that does something.
Well, Im trying to get them to do something!
The top version is based on a South American quena or notched flute, which to me has a beautiful, slightly husky, slightly broken sound- or as wikipedia puts it a "dark and textured timbre- very unlike the western flute". These are traditionally made from reeds, or anciently, from llama bones.

Not sure what the science is on the angle of the cuts, and so on.
Both of these work well, but not easily. You have to sort of find the right angle to blow. So Ill need to change that. I think the initial delivery of the air needs to be guided and focussed...
It cant be that complicated. I have a clay ocarina that works awesomely- and I assume the maker wouldnt be able to test the wet clay to see if it works, so it must be a set-angle situation, rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb...

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