8 October 2012

Sunrise Wedding Rings

Your Gold; in this case, pure gold being alloyed to 75% (18k) and melted.

It comes out like a little loaf, the black stuff on my hands is charcoal from the block. Then the sides need to be forged flat with a hammer;

Still with charcoal hands.
Folks say things are going "pear-shaped" (meaning wrong, -but I love pear shapes...) but I say things are going "kite-shaped"- sometimes when you forge, the sides get skewed, or kite shaped, this is undesirable, but not to worry, you just need to keep an eye on this and correct in the early stages.

Then it gets rolled out long and flat and re-textured on an old anvil block. So this is the starting point from which I'll cut the Sunrise shapes; Im making a set of wedding rings. Let's skip forward a few stages; and they came out like this;

Beautiful! His and Hers: Ive made a wider-banded version to better suit the groom. ( ≈7mm)


  1. How beautiful they are! The process is so wonderful, too. I briefly got to work with high-karat gold a few years ago and it was a joy to handle, so cooperative and malleable.

  2. WOW! Thank you so much for sharing this. I've just begun working with metal for jewelry, and still have so many questions about how the process goes (the complete metalsmith book is great and all, but sometimes i want process photos!).

  3. Both rings are beautiful, but I say splurge and get what you really want! It’s such an important piece of jewelery you want to make sure it’s something you love! We kind of splurged on our bands and I can’t wait to wear mine!!!