27 August 2012

Wall Hangings

These are some fun wall hangings that I made, now installed in the Pieces of Eight window- and a monolithic sort of window it is too... ( if that word makes any sense in the context of a window!)
Ive made them from very thin steel sheet, on which I have enscribed lettering, and then painted.

Some say it looks like paper- perhaps I will gold-plate the next set (!) and then you will know- ahh, this is metal!
Actually the metal is only about 0.3mm thick - which is pretty hard to get in this town (I was laughed at when I asked around).

I'm using the same techniques here that Ive been using for my Aster earrings for a long time- but the scale is much bigger and the metal behaves very differently... quite a challenge, and so has sparked an interest in making bigger objects.
I'm imagining my Colour Fold jewellery, but big. Yeah. About as big as a person...

My jewellery exhibition; Love Letters, at Pieces of Eight, finishes next weekend...

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  1. Looks amazing, inspiring. Wish I could have been there. Congrats, friend!