22 August 2012

Foal Pendant

 'Foal' pendant in 18k gold. He gets a bit patchy from the flames, kind of like a cool Indian horse...

But then he gets a wash in warm citric, and the lustre of the gold really glows.
Ive used those over-sized rings to articulate the legs, so's he can gambol and gallop. They're pretty clunky- to give that sort of appealing awkwardness.
I made a special stamp for the eye, and to make the mane and tail details, I get an old jeweller's file and strike its pattern on with a hammer!
I try to make it really basic and gutsy. Blobs of solder are visible- there's no erasure of the processes.
I think this way of working is risky- it can turn out too grungy, or just unskilled... but if I can master it, I believe it to be the best, most expressive and appealing.
Working with figurative subjects is risky too- its like a tightrope where you can fall off into twee-ness really easily. Sometimes I do get it right. Cute, but slightly gnarly too.
Now available at Pieces Of Eight in Melbourne town.


  1. Love it! And I'll take an Indian pony too!

  2. This is beautiful! is it for sale? or one of a kind? I love it so much.

  3. Thanks to every one for your interest and enquiries for this item.
    I will put it up for sale on the Golden Smith Shop, until then you can order one (or two!)
    directly by email;
    18k solid yellow gold: US$800

    Look out for 9k and Fine Silver versions-coming soon!

  4. I think they are called Pinto ponies. So maybe it's a Pinto pendant.