16 April 2012

Serviette Ring (And Other Artefacts)

Here is a serviette ring that was recently bequeathed to my daughter.
I like it. I don't often think of serviette rings, do you?
My grandparents use them every day for lunch and dinner, which is very dignified.
(Somehow, luncheon-dignity was not impressed upon my Dad, who eats sardines from a tin with a knife (or sometimes a chisel, if he's fogotten a knife- I kid you not)).
Anyway, its funny how the ring is just plonked on the back of the cat- that kind of clunky arrangement is funny; there's no attempt to justify it ( like; the cat is not hugging the ring, or wrapped around it or...) its just soldered on to him, as if he were a magnetic cat ("help! things are clinging to me!")
So I think thats great. Bit like Manna From Brooklyn's Backpack Kitty (though not as happy-looking; his vessel is way more "intergrated"):

It was this exact feeling that I was thinking of when I made this series of work, way back in 2002:

 I was thinking of that kind of clumsy figure-with-vessel arrangement- some sort of reference to the history of artefacts. (Why are young people so interested in irony? I do try to be more sincere with what I make these days- but there's always a tendency toward sabotaging that with humor. Is this self-defence??) (could be a subject for another post: humor and creativity). Maybe here the vessel gets interpreted as a 'nest', which is pretty predictable, so I sort of failed(?) But I was aiming for that tacked-on vibe. Its made of silver by the way, painted with a very matte enamel.

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