10 April 2012


Yes, I sat on my RayBans. Not Cool.
Really cracked 'em. See?

Anyway, so I ordered some replacement lenses, and they came today.
I had the package in my back pocket- and Alice yells out "Dont sit on your package!!"

( I didn't- that would Not Have Been Cool)

The lenses were hard to get out!- I resorted to crushing them with a hammer in the end. Not Cool.
Then I start to think hey- what would I look like with spectacles?- you know the feeling (unless you always wear glasses- then you really do know the feeling...)

Yeah... smarter. More... organised. Not Cool.

Then I put the new lenses in- I decide to wear gloves. Not Cool.

Ok... now Im Cool.


  1. Dude you look like really cool (head wise)
    But what has happened to your goldsmithing hand ? It looks super swollen ! Elephantitus ?
    I hope it's just Camerangleitis.

  2. My hands are super muscular.
    Every day I plunge my arm into a barrel of corn kernels, a couple of times, you know, to build up my pitching arm.

  3. Definitely cool. The glove-meets-Wayfarer incident made me chuckle, as it's the sort of thing I could see getting myself involved in. Good luck with the new lenses.