7 March 2012


I made these earrings- and then I was washing them, and one fell down the drain!
I cant believe it. Down the widest slot. Man.
And it wont come out of the s-trap because it is too big.
Not that anyone would want it now.
Oh well, lets sing Robbie Nevil's 'Cest la Vie'
I need a saxophone solo.


  1. crap! and they were pretty nice ones too! you need some mesh over that drain or something.

  2. - also, I have a question, will you be adding the iron/ gold version of your Ulno bangle to the shop? (I ask this in the vain hope that it is in a price range I have some hope of affording..)

  3. Hi Marie, if you send me an email to:
    thegoldensmith at gmail dot com
    I can give you a price for the iron/ gold ulno. Its considerably less than the all-gold version.
    Actually the iron/iron ones are very affordable and very pleasing and very fetching

  4. What a shame!! I love your work!

  5. Oi troi oi!
    I love my Aster earrings so this post is serving as a heady reminder to be careful around the sink!

    On another note, Mark has become quite an expert at plumbing of late including removing S-bends (the perils of having a long haired wife). Can I volunteer his help??

  6. so frustrating when that happens!