27 December 2011


This silversmith is using very simple tools to raise very dynamic forms ( up and in and out etc)- starting from a flat sheet. The vessels in the back have very high sides. To achieve this, the sheet metal will be contracted ( ie thickened)- its pretty tricky- requiring skill, patience and hand strength. ( I recall several fellow students with jarred wrists- perhaps more than hand strength, a balanced, clever way of holding the work and striking needs to be developed)
Yes, these days such forms can be pressed or spun on big CNC machines, but the qualities of a hand-raised vessel are wonderous, with subtly modulated surfaces.

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  1. That is amazing! I tried raising a cylindrical beaker for a class assignment. I found it very meditative but i received pins and needles in the palms of my hands and my beaker has a belly. Very tricky indeed.