3 December 2011

Freewheelin' Beehive

Saw this wild beehive at the Royal Botanic Gardens, thanks to Esmé and Joseph for showing me.
Not a good pic- its that yellowy blob in the middle of the pic, which is the wax combs with bees crawling all over it. This is pretty unusual- usually the bees would find a hollow tree or building to nest in, but this colony is just flapping in the breeze. Sadly, the other side of the comb has been harpooned with several different projectiles- thoughtless louts!  Some think that beekeeping is cruel- but it certainly provides the bees with an ideal home...
(though perhaps the rent—payable in honey— is high !)

1 comment:

  1. Yep, that particular colony has been there for several years. I always wonder how it survives the winter, especially when the tree loses all its leaves. As for those who think beekeeping is cruel, well there are lots of people like me, who practise bee-friendly, natural bee-keeping. I think my bees have a good home:)