15 October 2011

Rose Petal Jam

I asked my Nana for her Rose Petal Jam recipe- and she gave me the original.
2nd best jam I've ever had*, totally delicious- try it!

( hmmm. Suddenly I feel like a piece of toast....)

4 oz Rose petals (15)  ( I guess she means 15 roses??)
 ½ cup lemon juice
1½cups water
2 cups sugar
     pectin    "Citrus Hunza"(what is that??)

Put all ingredients except pectin in pan (2" deep)
Stir till sugar dissolved
Bring to boil
Reduce heat, simmer covered for 30 mins
Add pectin, mixed
Bring to boil
simmer 1 min.

*1st Best is Nana's Green Gage Plum Jam –a piquant tongue-sparkling ambrosia,
Worst is Nana's Tomato, Passionfruit and Pineapple Jam- eww! ( my late Grandad's fav‽)

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