12 October 2011

Little House in The Big Woods

Call me a greenhorn dude- but I was thinking this might be a sweet little book to read to E at bedtime.
Well, it is pretty sweet- and cosy too- have you read it?
Learn homesteading skillz such as:
-kill deer, skin, butcher, smoke venison in an old log with hickory
-kill pig, scald off bristles, skin, butcher, inflate bladder, play with as balloon, eat tail, scrape head to make 'head cheese', use left-overs for sausages
-shoot bear, eat that too
This is just from CHAPTER ONE!!!!!!!!!
...Goodnight, E.- sleep tight?


  1. LOL we read that series when I was in about grade 6 and I loved it :-)

  2. hilarious :D
    I've been looking for the house in the picture, but it must be very very little.

  3. If you stick with the series you will also learn how to make a log cabin from scratch.