10 October 2011


Lately I've been interested in ironwork, so I was awed by this anchor.
Can't remember the ship it came from- one of the hundreds of wrecks around here.
(The Shipwreck Coast)
The usually unseen internal grain structure of the iron here revealed by corrosion/ conservation- most astonishing!
According to the plaque this weighs 2 tonne and was raised by divers from the sea floor using 14
44-gallon drums of air. (Then what? 14 drums of helium to get it up the cliff?)

(Sailor's Tip for The Shipwreck Coast: the clue is in the name)

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  1. The grain in this metal is so interesting; I almost thought it was weathered wood in some of the photos. Nice to see that even materials that have such a strength are subject to the power of the nature around them.